Tuesday, 3 December 2013

my advice on the TPPA (sent to the Prime Minister, Trade Minister, & Leader of the Opposition, as a contribution to the Avaaz petition)

Secret lawyer tribunals designed to subvert national sovereignty look like genuine evidence of corporate behaviour that is intended to defeat the public will.
Politicians who agree to legislate to create such tribunals thus self-identify as antidemocratic.  Someone who pretends to support democracy but acts to subvert it will be seen as more than a hypocrite:  those on the right will be seen by the public as fascist, and those on the left will be seen by the public as stalinist.  If the cap fits you, we the people will force it onto your head.

Corporations have replaced communists as the primary source of evil in the global arena.  Any multinational agreement that gives priority to private commercial interests over our common interests will serve as an effective source of evil.  Any politician who agrees to such legislation will inevitably be seen by the public as morally corrupt.  Your choice:  go down in history as a statesman - or just another scumbag.

Better to realise that corporations can be forced to stop being parasites on the body politic, and restructured to serve our common interests while continuing to make private profits.  Frame legislation that guides their evolution accordingly!  Create a win/win scenario that suits all stakeholders.  Not the usual sham - one that all can clearly see is suitable.  Please ensure that the TPPA is amended sufficiently to achieve this result!